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N registration service is a professional aircraft registration company in Europe with offices in the USA, United Kingdom and Spain.

What we do?

We provide Trust Agreements to non US citizens (individuals, groups, partnerships or corporations) to enable them to legally register their aircraft in the FAA registry. 

We may also set up a corporation for your aircraft.

US-registered aircraft must be owned by a US citizen, or a US corporation (with a minimum US shareholding requirement) or a US based Trust. This is a legitimate device to comply with FARs requirement that a U.S. citizen has control over a N-registered aircraft to protect the interests of the United States. Nevertheless the Beneficial Owner is also protected through the Trust Agreement. Hundreds of N-reg aircraft around the world are owned by Trusts. Each Trust Agreement must be approved and retained by the FAA registry in Oklahoma City.

We provide our clients assistance to obtain the new Certificate of Airworthiness in a soft and easy way and help them to obtain the documents and parts related to the aircraft (Original Certificate of airworthiness if sometime was provided to the aircraft, Approved Flight Manuals, Data plates, Original W&B/Equipment list, etc)

As each aircraft and owner may have different circumstances please contact us to discuss your own registration further. Contact us either by e-mail or phone. See our contact us page.

The cost is €300.00 per year.
We do not charge an initial 'set up' fee.
We also offer a "expeditious service" at an additional initial cost of €150 for those who need to have the registration in days.
At the moment, the registration process is taking approximately several weeks before the temporary registration is issued.

To legally operate an N registered aircraft outside of the USA you will need an aircraft radio station license, valid for 10 years. We can also provide this for the additional fee of €150.

1.We specialise in FAA registrations. We deal with the FAA throughout our agents on a daily basis and are experienced in all aspects of their methods and requirements.

2.We are the only registration company that help their clients throughout all the Airworthiness Certification process and advice them with the IA/DAR inspections.

3. We offer our clients an integral service that cover the sourcing of any make/model aircraft, ferrying, registration, insurance and selling of aircrafts.